Neil Cowley Trio

"…the greatest stadium-filling anthems that Coldplay never wrote." (Uncut)

"Pounding stuff, redolent of Brubeck on very bad acid" (Mojo)

"worth testing out on a recalcitrant teen who thinks all jazz is as forbidding as Sanskrit" (Sunday Times)

In 2006 Neil Cowley Trio burst onto the scene with an outstanding debut that simply fizzed with energy. Its rip-roaring riffs, hook laden tunes and thrilling climaxes sat side by side with heart shattering musical whisperings and turned the concept of the piano trio on its head. Dubbed 'Jazz for Radiohead fans', it earned the trio a BBC Award for Best Album and a legion of fans.

Since then, Neil Cowley Trio have released a further four highly acclaimed studio albums and carved out a reputation as one of Britain's most exciting bands. Live, their captivating shows have at their core Cowley's quirky, English sense of humour, distinct wit and remarkable rapport with his audience.

A dazzling pianist and outstanding composer, classically trained Neil Cowley creates deeply engaging music whose power and sheer emotion touch lovers of all music. He records and performs with his long time compatriots Evan Jenkins on drums and Rex Horan on bass, a band in the true sense of the word – that breathes and listens as one.

As a young boy, Neil Cowley studied at The Royal Academy where his prodigious talent saw him performing a Shostakovich piano concerto at the age of 10 to a full house at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall. By his mid-teens however, he had joined a Blues Brothers tribute band, "as a way" he says "of getting into pubs" and by 17 had turned his back on his classical career altogether. Entering the world of old-school RnB, soul and funk he worked with some of the most successful bands of the day alongside his own production outfit Fragile State with whom he produced two critically acclaimed albums. His versatility as a composer would see him go on to produce a number of themes for television programmes and documentaries drawing on jazz, blues and orchestral soundtrack.

Aside from his trio recordings, Cowley has in past years become the go-to pianist by acts that require a jazz technique and rhythmic suppleness to their artful pop hits. He has leant his golden piano touch to artists such as Emile Sandé and Birdy amongst others whilst his contributions to global chart-topping hits by multi Grammy-winner Adele ( including the poignantly expressive intro to Hometown Glory and the stomping piano on Rolling in the Deep) made him quite literally 2011's most listened to pianist on the planet.

"In a jazz world full of introverts, Cowley is a rare musical extrovert, someone who can actually communicate with a broader audience. It's something to cherish." The Guardian