Des Sourcils

Des Sourcils gypsy jazz trio was founded in 2012 around Django Reinhardt’s interpretation of the russian traditional song Dark Eyes (Otchi Tchernye). Mathias Berry, Antoine Angers and Alexis Taillon-Pellerin came together to present their own arrangement of the song, replaying Reinhardt’s legendary solo in its entirety. Their dynamic arrangement showed the trio’s real colour and, full of passion for this style and its possibilities, the three musicians began developing their repertoire, adding jazz standard to Reinhardt’s classics as well as pieces from contemporary gypsy jazz musicians such as Angelo Debarre, Bireli Lagrène, Dorado Schmitt, Stéphane Wrembel and the Rosenberg Trio. 

Quickly, Des Sourcils started to add their own compositions to their shows. In july 2014, five of these were recorded on a self-titled and self-produced EP.

Since then, the group performed more than 150 times in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. At first playing in restaurants and bars, the trio quickly went on to play in various musical events and festivals. In the purpose of exploring new avenues and diversify its shows, the group also widened its repertoire by collaborating with new musicians on special occasions. Jazz singers Valérie Angers-Moreau and Marie-Claire Linteau, violinist Sylvain Neault as well as percussionists Édouard Poliquin-Michaud and Mathieu Rompré figure amongst the few musicians who lended their talent to Des Sourcils. 

To this day, the three founders of Des Sourcils can count six different albums to their credit through different projects, from rock, funk, folk, electro to gypsy jazz, and hundreds of performances. Each of them having completed their bachelor degree in jazz interpretation, they are now professional musicians.

The trio is planning to release a new album of original compositions by 2018, with the collaboration of other renowned musicians such as violinist Sylvain Neault, guitarist François Rioux and percusionnist Olivier Bussière.


Sat, Jun 23 - 10:00 PM
Max of Eastman Place

Sat, Jun 23 - 6:15 PM
Max of Eastman Place
Club Pass or $30 at the door. No advance sales.