Django Bates Beloved Trio

Described as "One of the most talented musicians Britain has produced”composer, pianist &

bandleader Django Bates returns to ECM with Belovèd, one of his finest groups yet. With Swedish bassist Petter Eldh and Danish drummer Peter Bruun, the conventions of the jazz piano trio are subtly challenged on an aptly named album, The Study Of Touch, recorded at Oslo’s Rainbow Studio in June 2016, and produced by Manfred Eicher. Belovèd’s work has included inspired reconstructions of Charlie Parker & on this new album Parker’s ‘Passport’ is played with respect, contemporary sensibility and joy, amid pieces written especially for the album and Django’s classics like ‘We Are Not Lost, We Are Simply Finding Our Way’ which is eternally remodelled by these mastero improvisers. Bates’ composing skills are highlighted, along with his freewheeling, free-flowing melodic sense. The terse, percussive edge of Eldh’s bass provides momentum and drummer Bruun details the music with a painterly touch. “Bates’s virtuosity has long matched his imagination – the fluidity of line, ultra-fast tempos and rhythmic independence were all to the fore …harnessed to strong emotions and in-depth improvisation” - The Financial Times