Thomas Stronen

In spring 2017, Thomas Strønen and his ensemble Time is A blind Guiderecorded their new album "Lucus" at the marvellous Auditorio of radio RSI in Lugano with ECM master Manfred Eicher. The result? - A true master work! Very special "Lucus" was released by ECM in January 2018.  

Time Is A Blind Guide is, quite simply, a stunning record that stands out in Strønen's already impressive discography as one of his most expansive, cinematic and flat-out lyrical albums to date. An album so compelling that it truly deserves the term masterpiece, in a time when the word "classic" is bantered about far too often, it also creates hope that there will be more Time Is A Blind Guide compositions to come from Strønen's pen...and from this nimble group, clearly responsive and connected to his music at the deepest, mitochondrial level.

Thomas Strønen – drums
Ayumi Tanaka – piano
Håkon Aase – violin
Leo Svensson Sander – cello
Mats Eilertsen – bass