All Our Exes Live In Texas

Hannah Crofts // vocals & ukelele
Georgia Mooney // vocals & mandolin
Elana Stone // vocals & accordion
Katie Wighton // vocals & guitar

All Our Exes Live in Texas is a fantasy draft of Sydney’s finest singer-songwriters - Elana Stone, Katie Wighton, Hannah Crofts and Georgia Mooney – here combining in four-part, indie-folk harmony heaven. On mandolin, ukulele, accordion and guitar, the Exes are a powerhouse of charm and songwriting prowess. Fair warning: this foursome is the most badass female folk band around.

All Our Exes Live in Texas have had an impressive career to date. They've toured with The Backstreet Boys (USA), Passenger (UK), Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats (USA) and Tiny Ruins (NZ), not to mention Australian icons Megan Washington, Kate Miller-Heidke and Mama Kin.

It wasn't until three years ago at an O Brother Where Art Thou show, featuring Sydney folk royalty, that they combined their musical forces. Little did they know they were planting the seeds for a folk foursome of epic proportions.

The Exes share a deep passion for vocal harmonies and heartbreakingly good songwriting. This killer combination has seduced audiences across the country and the world as they crisscrossed Australia from Port Fairy Folk Festival to Darwin Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, WOMADelaide and The National Folk Festival, not to mention closing proceedings at the Sydney Opera House for TEDx, to an audience of 4500 creative innovators who exploded into rapturous applause.

Since the release of their self-titled, widely celebrated EP, All Our Exes Live in Texas has embarked on three national headline tours releasing singles Tell MeSailboat and The Devil’s Part from their successfully crowd-funded debut album, When We Fall, released on March 3 via ABC Music.

The Exes were shortlisted for the Vanda & Young Songwriting competition and were nominated for four National Live Music Awards. Their Tell Me film clip is a hilarious take on the modern break up and was listed in the top 10 film clips of 2014 by Double J.

The Exes recently showcased their wares to US, UK and Irish audiences, solidifying partnerships for future touring adventures. They amped up the Exes assault at Folk Alliance International and SXSW, turning heads of all varieties from industry tastemakers to music-loving legends. In short, the Exes are on fire.

When We Fall was produced and engineered by Wayne Connolly (Sarah Blasko, Silverchair, You Am I) and features musicians Zoe Hauptmann (Finn Brothers, Lanie Lane, Paul Kelly), Evan Mannell (Faker, Bertie Blackman, Lior), Dave Symes (Boy and Bear, Sarah Blasko), Tim Hart (Boy and Bear) and Hamish Stuart (Lucie Thorne, Jackie Orszáczky).

A testament to their musical strength and vulnerability, this album is a collection of songs that are enough to make grown men cry. But beneath the sweet, potent harmonies and lamentations of love, lie four witty and intelligent feminists who harness their talent for good not evil.

When you come to an All Our Exes Live in Texas show brace yourselves to experience four uber-talented musicians and gifted songwriters, each with their own unique vocal beauty and individual charm. Add to this, great humour, whip-cracking banter and an on-stage synergy that is as magical as it is alluring, and there’s no chance you can resist the call of the Exes sirens.

The Brag said it first, “Catch them before they’re famous and only perform for royalty and astronauts.”

All Our Exes Live in Texas have been touring over the past couple of years selling out venues all over Australia - its hard to feel sorry for someone singing a sad song when their talent is completely blocking any feelings of pity you could ever feel - they are the most badass girl folk group ever’  

‘From the moment they stepped onstage, the Exes delivered exactly what they are renowned for - their harmonies are so good its actually a little ridiculous and their instrumentation is strong as it is desperate. Catch them before they’re famous and only perform for royalty and astronauts’ - The Brag

“I saw some great artists while up in Brisbane, and a few of them completely floored me with great songs and performances - heavy shout-out to All Our Exes Live in Texas...’ - Anthony Fantano ‘The Needle Drop’ 

‘A person could roam far and wide and never find finer harmonies, and the songs themselves are as disparate as they are captivating. A clear audience favourite, their improvised banter was an enduring highlight, their instrumentation (guitar, mandolin, ukulele and accordion) catchy and winsome.’ - The Brag

Sweet and charming, All Our Exes Live in Texas were a festival highlight. Soaring vocal harmonies, tight melodies, an accordion and a set peppered by the girls’ random audience banter left the audience in total adoration, with a standing ovation given to them – and rightly so.’ - The Music

‘Crammed into the corner of a chapel pew, as the church filled to its utmost capacity, the four young beautiful Sydney women made the squeeze worth it.  They had us immediately eating out of their endearing little paws as they blew us away with their impeccable four-part harmonies. Their sound was both punchy and sweet and covered in lyrics you wanted to listen to because they told the most beautiful love stories.’ - Xpress Magazine Perth

“All Our Exes Live In Texas filled the Howler bar with incredible harmonies and a folky vibe. They clearly enjoy performing, and their talent combined with their relaxed and funny banter caused the audience to instantly fall in love with them. Their accordion and mandolin accompaniment in tandem with ukulele and classical guitar adds a unique dimension to their music, ensuring everyone who sees them play won’t be able to forget them. These guys certainly make a big impression”   –-   The AUreview


Tue, Jun 26 - 5:30 PM
Harro East Ballroom

Tue, Jun 26 - 7:15 PM
Harro East Ballroom

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