Sax-O-Matic was formed in the summer of 2000 for the Rimouski International Jazz Festival as a street band. Their unique and humoristic approach was an instant hit. Whether on stage, on the sidewalks, or standing on your table, the four saxophone players of Sax-O-Matic are full of surprises. They have a way of bringing everyone into their world with a very witty and spontaneous sense of humor. The concept for Sax-O-Matic is based around four rather undisciplined characters (Al, Joe, Dave and Seb), who under the guise of being refrigerator repair men blunder their way through one wacky scenario after another that is guaranteed to surprise, embarrass, and make people smile as they back up their antics with some pretty groovy playing.

When not performing with 
Sax-O-Matic, these four very accomplished saxophonists can be found performing throughout Quebec and around the world in many other formations. Together, their experience and talent make for a rare and exceptional musical happening.