Miles Electric Band

The Miles Electric Band is an ensemble of world-class talents featuring performances from a unique roster of players. The band revisits the repertoire from Davis’ electric period as a framework for modern jazz innovation.

Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival Line-Up

This evening is fronted by masterful trumpeter Jeremy Pelt, along with a group of stellar instrumentalists and fusion-era Miles Davis alumni, who come together as Miles Electric Band. This multi-generational band specializes in the wired-up and funky music Davis created from the late 1960s to the ‘80s on albums including Bitches Brew and You’re Under Arrest.

Trumpet - Jeremy Pelt

Drums – Vince Wilburn, Jr - Grammy® winner Vince Wilburn, Jr., Davis’ nephew on drums

Tabla – Debasish Chaudhury

Percussions – Darryl Munyungo Jackson

 Piano/Keys – Robert Irving

 Bass – Richard Patterson

Guitar – David Gilmore

Tenor & Soprano Saxophone; Bass Clarinet – Antoine Roney  who has toured the world with jazz veterans Freddie Hubbard and Elvin Jones

Drawing upon the enormous pool of talent influenced through the decades by Miles Davis, trumpet duties by design are handled by special guest artists. In Chicago and Los Angeles, Grammy® winning trumpeter Nicholas Payton was featured, and at Sunset Junction it was Grammy® winner Wallace Roney, with other Jazz heavyweights set to join in the future. 

Positive reviews have fueled demand for the ensemble. Of their debut performance during the Miles Davis Festival in Chicago, Downbeat Magazine declared, “Despite boasting a host of bandleaders in the ranks, the group played with restraint and vibe over histrionics keeping the brew on simmer...” Of the Hollywood Bowl performance Daily Variety remarked, ”Everyone rocked and socked, and it wasn’t nostalgic in the least,” The Los Angeles Times shared “The Miles Electric Band quickly pumped up a party vibe” noting the “festival friendly” material of Miles Davis’ electric period. 

The Miles Electric Band is now a featured part of the Davis family’s plan to bring Miles Davis’ music to a new generation of music lovers through festival appearances and recordings.

“This was a Miles Davis sound that no one ever heard in concert at the time, an 11-member band that combined most of the complex, ever-changing goulash of ingredients from roughly 1968 to 1975 — including, astonishingly, the still-underestimated Indian influence as handled by tabla player Badal Roy….Everyone rocked and socked, and it wasn’t nostalgic in the least.”  - Variety

Audience response was overwhelming and heartfelt. During one song, a supporter sitting behind me yelled, "That's what I'm talking about!" Another fan and voice student commented she "was rather star struck, because I never anticipated being in the same room with so much talent!" – All About Jazz

 With Davis nephew Vince Wilburn Jr. laying down the drum slosh and former Miles percussionists Badal Roy, Mino Cinelu and Munyungo Jackson jolting the appreciative audience's spines, the Miles Electric Band quickly pumped up a party vibe.” – LA Times