Elda Trio

Elda trio is a project comprised of London-based award winning Swedish vocalist, Emilia Mårtensson (‘Vocalist of the Year 2016’ at TheParliamentary Jazz Awards), Slovenian accordion player and multi instrumentalist Janez DovĨ and Sao Paulo-bornBrazilian percussionist and composer, Adriano Adewale. Elda trio weaves together these three different folkloric cultures exploring the breadth and depth of storytelling and music from each country. What emerges is a fascinating tapestry of musical cultures, featuring both traditional and contemporary musical elements in a unique way.

All three musicians of Elda Trio are virtuosos in their own right and they have all found an original voice on their respective instruments, combining a modern approach with the use of electronics together with a more traditional approach and use of traditional instruments.


The element of improvisation is a fundamental aspect of Elda Trio’s music, enabling the group to express themselves freely, taking into consideration the very moment of the performance and making every single concert exciting and unique.

Their debut album ‘ELDA’, (released on London based ‘Two Rivers Records’ in September 2016), celebrates the beauty and importance of exploring and merging cultures and sharing stories that are universally relatable.

Part of the MADE IN THE UK SERIES supported by the PRS Foundation



Thu, Jun 27 - 6:45 PM
Christ Church
$30 cash at the door or Club Pass

Thu, Jun 27 - 8:45 PM
Christ Church
$30 cash at the door or Club Pass

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