Teagan and the Tweeds

If you’ve yet to experience the soul-grooving, body-moving, spirit-soothing sound of Teagan and the Tweeds, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Don’t let their collegiate-clad name fool you; this band is anything but stodgy and conservative. A six-piece ensemble that includes a Hammond organ and pedal-steel guitar, the Tweeds rock a blues-country-folk vibe that fills a venue like nobody’s business. With their consistently high-energy performances and wide-ranging musical appeal, Teagan and the Tweeds have amassed an impressive following in and around Rochester, attracting new admirers at every show.

They offer a remarkable array of originals and pay due homage to greats like Janis Joplin, Patsy Cline, Aretha Franklin, and Stevie Wonder in a well-handled selection of crowd-pleasing covers. With almost 90 years of collective musical experience among them, including two classically trained members, this band is the real deal.


Front woman, Teagan Ward, will shake you with the power of her voice and capture you with the depth of her lyrics.

No doubt, this woman is fierce.

Her voice drips with sweetness and bites with grittiness all at once. And you can always count on her to rev up the energy  as she grooves around stage, tossing her luscious mane of curls all around. Her performance will reel you in and keep you dancing all night.


Katy Wright adds some serious flavor to the Tweed recipe. She comes in salty on the keys and organ and has deliciously sweet harmonies that will give you goosebumps.

She also has a knack for writing a tasty tune. She covers multiple genres with her songs, from blues to country or pop, and does not disappoint.

Katy is one nasty woman on her rig. She is powerful and undoubtedly passionate. Her playing is sure to move your soul. 


 Jeremy “Oh No He Di-n’t” Stoner is one solid bassist and tuba player. He adds funk and attitude to the mix that keeps the groove going strong. He's one suave dude who brings serious skills to the stage.  

Along with his impressive harmonies, Jeremy kills it as he takes the lead vocals on several tunes. 

He exudes talent that will captivate you and keep you coming back for more. 


Lou Giglio may be one of the nicest people, but he plays a mean guitar. He knows how to get dirty. Real dirty.

Lou rips it on solos with a nasty tone that drips with funk. He is a beast that hopefully is never tamed. 


Tommy Formicola delivers the Tweedy twang on his pedal-steel and dobro.  His swells and croons can break your heart, while his fast picking will get your toe-tapping.

Tommy's repertoire of instruments also includes the guitar and the crowd pleasing cowbell. 

His bluesy-country vibe weaves in unassumingly, tying the Tweeds sound together. 


Leading the rhythm section is Chilean sensation, Alfredo Encina, whose drumming is confident, clean and, like Alf himself, just a little bit naughty. 

Alf holds down the beat and it's unlikely you'll ever catch him without a smile. He is infectiously friendly and his zeal for music is apparent. 


Fri, Jun 21 - 4:30 PM
M&T Pavilion - Squeezers Stage

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