The Honey Smugglers

Brian MacDonald - Vocals/Mandolin; Joe Dellaria - Guitar/Vocals; Stephen Burke - Bass/Vocals; Dylan Niver- Drums; Zac Lijewski-Viola/Banjo/Vocals; Scott Calpin-Mandolin/Guitar

The Honey Smugglers are a Rochester based folk-rock band that play music for, and from, the heart. Their unique blend of thoughtful and catchy songwriting, dazzling instrumentation, and powerful vocals, coupled with the thrill of their live performances, has garnished a dedicated and loving fan base in the Western New York music scene. Since their conception in late 2014, the band has released two full length albums and are in the midst of completing their third. Although the band plays instruments that are typically linked to the sounds of bluegrass, Frank de Blase of Rochester's City Newspaper says "Don't let the instrumentation make up your mind for you. There are simply too many subgenres to list here. The Honey Smugglers are bottled joy. Crack one open".