Thomas Backman

Swedish reedplayer Thomas Backman is known from reputable groups such as Klabbes Bank, paavo and Thymeshift feat Hilmar Jenson or as a sideman to Sarah & Georg Riedel  and Cecilia Persson to name a few. 


In 2016 Thomas finally put together some of his favorite musicians to form a band of his own. The members are  award winning, well-known swedish musicians.  They  have performed and recorded with artists like Django Bates, Uri Caine, Filip Jers, and Loney, dear.


In November 2017 the band went to Studio Dubious in Stockholm to record the music that   was released on the groups critically acclaimed debut album: ”Did you have a good day, David”? (Modern Musik) on Aug 29 2018.

The music on the album consists of 9 songs, all of them

Thomas compositions, and 3 of them with Josefine Lindstrand´s lyrics.