RIJF Club Pass

It's the hottest ticket in American Jazz!
Your value pass to discovery!

The Club Pass is RIJF's unique pass that gives you access to up to all Club Pass Series shows June 21 - 29, 2019 at the festival's 12 official Club Pass Series venues.

Why Get the Pass

The CGI Rochester International Jazz Festival Club Pass is a unique value pass that allows you to sample music from some of the finest artists from throughout the world,

  • Come and go as you please from 220+Club Pass shows at 12 official Club Pass venues 
  • Save off the individual entry cover charges of $35 for Kilbourn Hall and $30 at all other Club Pass venues.
  • If you use your pass for just two shows a day for nine days, the individual ticket cost would be almost $600. Most people attend an average of five shows a day. The savings add up! 
  • The Club Pass gives you the freedom and flexibility to see as many shows as you want each day. 
  • Just show your Pass at the door and enjoy the music!



  • Good for access to all 220+ Club Pass Series shows all nine days of the festival.
  • Can be shared and transferred.
  • Perfect for gifts, and customer and employee appreciation.
  •  $254 + $6 service charge


  • Access 220+ Club Pass venue shows on any three days of the Festival at any Club Pass venue.
  • Can be shared and transferred.
  • No photos or names appear on passes.
  • $194 + $6 service charge

Please note:

  • No refunds on any Club Pass purchase.

Redeeming Your Club Pass Ticket  for a Club Pass

You may redeem your Club Pass Ticket for a Club Pass starting Monday June 17 at the Festival Ticket Shop at 100 East Ave. Rochester, NY. Hours are 12 Noon to 5 PM, M-F through June 20 and 10 AM - 11PM daily during the fest, June 21 - 29. 

On June 21, 22 and 23, during the fest, you may also redeem your ticket for a Pass at the Merchandise Tent on Jazz Street (Gibbs St.) from 4 -11PM. 

Please note: you must redeem your ticket for a Pass before entering any venue. Tickets cannot be exchanegd at venues.



You don't need a Club Pass to access Club Pass Series shows. Enter at the door for $30 ($35 Kilbourn Hall), cash only. No advance tickets are sold for Club Pass Series Shows and there are no reserved seats. Entry is first-come, first-served for all, whether you pay cash at the door or have a Club Pass. Since venues may fill to capacity prior to shows so to ensure a better chance of a seat, arrive early and wait in line. Doors open 30 minutes before shows. See Club Pass Venues below.

At the early shows at Max of Eastman Place and Kilbourn Hall, and both shows at Geva, we also offer a convenient Save Time in Line system. Check it out!

Save Time in Line at Kilbourn Hall,  Max of Eastman Place & Geva

At Kilbourn Hall, Max of Eastman Place and Geva Theatre we offer a wristband system to save patrons time spent in line and more time to enjoy other shows and activities around the festival.

Here's How It Works - Club Pass holders and those paying cash at the door may line up and receive a color-coded wristband that will specify a return time to see the show. You must be present and in line to get a wristband. Come back at your assigned time and enjoy the show!

KILBOURN – 6:00 PM shows only (Color-coded wristbands will be issued starting around 4 PM)

First 100 wristbands - Entrance time 5:30-5:35

101-250 - Entrance time 5:35-5:40

251-400 - Entrance time 5:40-5:50

MAX – 6:15 PM shows only (Color-coded wristbands will be issued starting around 4:15 PM)

First 50 wristbands - Entrance time 5:45-5:50

51-100 - Entrance time 5:50-5:55

101-230 - Entrance time 5:55-6:05

GEVA WILSON STAGE - 5:30 & 7:30 PM shows  (Color-coded wristbands will be issued starting around 4 PM)


First 100-Entrance time 5:00-5:05

101-250-Entrance time 5:05-5:10

251-500-Entrance time 5:10-5:20


First 100-Entrance time 7:00-7:05

101-250-Entrance time 7:05-7:10

251-500-Entrance time 7:10-7:20

GEVA FIELDING STAGE - 6:30 PM & 8:30 PM shows (Color-coded wristbands will be issued starting around 4 PM)


First 50-Entrance time 6:00-6:05

51-100-Entrance time 6:05-6:10

101-185-Entrance time 6:10-6:20


First 50-Entrance time 8:00-8:05

51-100-Entrance time 8:05-8:10

101-185-Entrance time 8:10-8:20

Buy 3 Day Club Pass (can be shared and transferred)

Buy 9 Day Club Pass (can be shared and transferred)

"The club pass is fantastic. It's very cool to be able to walk to all the different venues and to have different types of venues i.e. churches, bars, concert halls, etc .”

"As always, the Club Pass acts are both new and familiar. The range of types of jazz is broad. All performances i attended were well worth the price of the Club Pass."

“The club pass makes it possible to see a lot for a little. Great quality of music!

Club Pass Frequently Asked Questions

Club Pass tickets may be redeemed for a pass at the Ticket Shop starting Monday June 17 at the Ticket Shop. 

You must get your pass and lanyard at the Ticket Shop before entering any venue. Tickets cannot be redeemed for passes at venues. 

Location:  100 East Ave 

June 17 - 20:  Noon - 5PM (Monday - Friday only) 
June 21-29 :  10AM - 11PM daily during the festival 

Yes. You can purchase a Club Pass online. 

Choose from 3 or 9 Day Passes, choose ticket delivery option and check out. Simple as that!

All Passes are shareable and fully transferable. 

Redeem your ticket for a Pass at the Ticket Shop at 100 East Avenue starting June 17

No, the Club Pass is good for the 12 official Club Pass venues only.  You can purchase individual tickets for shows at Eastman Theatre.  See Ticket Info

Day passes are only available for sponsors and volunteers and are not for sale. You can still enter any Club Pass Series Show by paying the cover charge at the door, $30/35, first come, first served.

  • Yes! Please share your pass when you cannot use it.  All Club Passes are now fully shareable and transferrable. Share the joy! 
  • You must bring your Pass with you to enter a show. Club Passes cannot be replaced. 


  • Club Passes cannot be replaced if lost. 
  • Always wear your Pass on the lanyard provided.
  • Please write your cell phone number on the Pass so that if it is lost and turned in to our Lost and Found (Ticket Office), we can notify you.