FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about XRIJF! 


What is The Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival

The Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival (XRIJF) in Rochester, New York, is one of the nation's most popular and most respected music festivals. See more 


When is it?

June 24 - July 2, 2016 – 9 days!

Shows start daily at 3:45PM and go through 11PM. 

Jam Sessions start nightly at 10:30PM


Where is it?

The festival is held in 19 different venues in Downtown Rochester's  East End Cultural District between East Ave and East Main street centered on Gibbs Street. You can walk to all venues!
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See Travel page for more details


What does it cost?

It varies.

Free shows – no tickets are required!

Headliner shows at Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre – reserved seating; tickets required; see show times »

Club Pass Series shows – require either a Club Pass or $30/($35 Kilbourn Hall) at the door.  See Tickets for more information.


What are the hours for the Ticket Office and where is it? 

The festival Ticket Office is open 


  • June 6-17 from 12noon-5PM (open Monday to Friday, closed Sat. & Sun.)
  • June 20-23,  10AM - 5PM 
  • June 24 - July 2, 10AM-11PM


The Ticket Shop is located at 25 Gibbs Street 


Who will be playing at the festival?

More than 1500 artists representing all aspects of creative improvised music. 


What is a Club Pass and how does it work?

The Club Pass is Hottest Ticket in American Jazz!!! We offer a 3-day Club Pass or a 9-Day Club Pass. It's a value pass that allows multiple access to more than 225 sets of music for either any 3 days or all 9 nine days of the festival, June 23-July 1, at official club pass series venues on a first come-first served seating basis. Venues may fill to capacity prior to shows. To ensure a better chance of a seat, arrive early and wait in line. Doors open 30 minutes before each show.


Where do I park?

There are many surface lots and parking garages around the festival. Get the details on where to park.


Where are the restrooms?

Restrooms are located inside every venue. There are also portable bathrooms outside of the Rochester Regional Health Big Tent, the alley adjacent to Kilbourn Hall, alongside the AvanGrid RG&E Fusion Big Tent,  on Chestnut Street during the Friday and Saturday concerts and near the Midtown stage on the final Saturday night. 


Can I buy tickets for individual performances?

You can buy tickets in advance online or at the door if not sold out for headliner concerts at Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre. 


No advance tickets are available for Club Pass shows.  Entry is $30 or $35 (Kilbourn Hall), cash only at the door,  first-come, first-served entry and seating for everyone.  Shows sell out, so arrive early to avoid disappointment!


I saw people using a day pass for entry to a Club Show. How do I get one?

Day passes are only available for sponsors and volunteers and are not for sale. You can still enter any Club Pass Series Show by paying the cover charge at the door, $30/35, first come, first served.


Can I take pictures at concerts?

You can take pictures at any outdoor concert. But the use of cameras (still, video, cell phones) and recording devices is strictly prohibited at all indoor concerts at XRIJF. Photography is permitted only by credentialed photographers in designated areas. Concertgoers are asked to please abide by these guidelines out of respect for the artists and others in the audience.  Anyone not abiding by these rules will be asked to leave the venue.


What about my kids, are they welcome?

Children are welcome at outdoor free shows. Shows on Jazz Street start at 3:45-4:00 daily with music that is appropriate for families. We also offer noon shows at the library that are free. Many families bring their children to jazz street for food, free music. It’s a great place to meet friends and learn about jazz!


Club Pass and Eastman Theatre shows are probably not appropriate for very young children if they are not able to sit through a concert. Young people with an interest in music who are experienced concert-goers are welcome. Tickets are required, there are no discounts for students. We also offer thanks to Wegmans, a free series of workshops for young musicians during the festival.


How long will I have to stand in line?

It depends on the show. This year to reduce wait times in two venues with the longest wait times, Kilbourn Hall and Max of Eastman Place, we are implementing a new numbering system. Sometimes people line up two or more hours ahead of time. As we say at XRIJF, "Learn to love the line." Shows do sell out so if you want to get in, stand in line and enjoy the company of other jazz fans.  You can purchase a tripod stool to sit on while you wait. They are available in the Merchandise Tent.


What hotels are near the festival?

  • The Radisson Hotel Rochester Riverside is the official hotel of the festival and the place where the festival's nightly Jam Sessions are held. 
  • Call (585) 546-6400 or for reservations call +1 (800) 333-3333   (US/Canada Toll-free ) 
  • Take advantage of the Radisson's exclusive offer - get a one-day Club Pass when combined with a hotel stay.  

For other places to stay see Visit Rochester

Rochester Plaza Hotel & Conference Center Jazz Fest Packages - Official Hotel of the Festival - See more at: http://www.rochesterjazz.com/php/travel.php#sthash.j3I1NTVP.dpuf


Are there places to eat at the festival?

Everywhere! At many of the venues in addition to food trucks and vendors on the street. 


What will the weather be during the festival?

If we could predict that we would probably be in another line of business. Rain or shine the festival is a great experience. Most venues are indoors so weather does not impact the concert schedule. All outdoor shows go on rain or shine unless there are severe weather conditions. 


What if I lose something during the festival?


If you have already looked at the venue or location where you think you lost something, please go to the Ticket Shop at 25 Gibbs Street open 10AM–11PM daily during the festival to see if the item has been turned in. We suggest that you print your name and cell number on your Club Pass so that you can be notified if it's lost and found.


Can you send me updates about the festival?

Yes, sign up for our free email newsletter and you'll get all the latest news.


Do you have an app for the festival?

Yes for iPhone and Android.  It's easy, free, you can plan your schedule, set reminders, get all the latest festival info anywhere, anytime!

iPhone and Android download


How can I volunteer for the festival?

Visit this page for how to apply. Thanks for your interest.


I would like to submit my band to play in your festival. What do I need to do?

In order to be considered, you must send an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) between Oct 15 and Nov 1 of each year. Due to the extremely high volume of submissions, suggestions, and requests, we are unable to acknowledge submissions via phone or email.  If you submit an EPK, please do not contact the festival asking about the status of the submission. We will make contact if you or your artist/group is chosen. Thanks for your interest in XRIJF.


I would like to be a sponsor of the festival. Who do I contact?

Contact Marc Iacona, Executive Director/Producer,  marc@rochesterjazz.com.

Producer/Executive Director
Sponsor & Vendor Opportunities
Marc Iacona, Executive Director/Producer
marc@rochesterjazz.com - See more at: http://www.rochesterjazz.com/php/contact_info.php#sthash.qtSXsBsa.dpuf


I would like to cover the festival as a media person. Who do I contact? 

Press Contacts, Advertising, Marketing:

Dalmath Associates, Inc. (585) 586-6650
Jean DalmathAmanda Antinore


I am a student / seniors. Do I get any reduced prices?

No, there are no discounts for students or seniors. But we offer more than 90 free shows and events.  The Club Pass is also offered at a discount price from October - Dec 31 every year. 


When can I pick up my Club Pass?

You can exchange your Club Pass Series ticket receipt for an Official XRIJF 2017 Club Pass at the Ticket Shop as of June 20th or later at 25 Gibbs St. (See hours below.) Or you can exchange it during the festival June 24, and 25 at the kiosks on Jazz Street (Gibbs Street).


What are the hours for the Ticket Office and where is it?


The festival Ticket Office opens Monday June 5 from 10AM-6PM (open Monday to Friday, closed Sat. & Sun.); and from 10AM-11PM June 23 - July 1. 

The Ticket Shop is located at 25 Gibbs Street


Where is Will Call for headliner shows held at Eastman Concerts? 

Pick up tickets ordered by phone or online at Will Call at Eastman Theatre one hour before the show starts in the Eastman Theatre lobby. Look for the Will Call Table. 

Are there any street closings associated with the festival?

Yes, several streets are closed:


- Gibbs Street (From East Ave to E. Main)
Monday, June 19 (Midnight) to Monday, July 3 (Midnight) 
- Chestnut (From E. Main to East Ave)
June 23 (6AM) to June 25 (2AM)
June 30 (6AM) to July 2 (2AM) 
- East Ave (From E. Main to Scio) and Chestnut (From Broad to East Ave)
June 23 (5PM-Midnight)
June 24 (5PM-Midnight)
June 30 (5PM-Midnight)
July 1 (5PM-Midnight) 
- Main Street (from Gibbs to Chestnut-not to include Gibbs or Chestnut)
Friday, June 23 to Saturday July 1 (5pm-midnight)