Images of XRIJF 2005

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Hilton Ruiz

Sex Mob

Hilton Ruiz Trio


Yggdrasil in the Big Tent

Crowds outside Max of Eastman Place

Steve Turre

Greater Rochester Jazz Orchestra

Greater Rochester Jazz Orchestra on the Jazz Street Stage

Josh Irving Quartet

Ravi Coltrane at Kilbourn Hall

Charles Ellison at Max of Eastman Place

Jazz Street

Enjoying the music on the Jazz Street

Charles Ellison at Max of Eastman Place

Enjoying the food on Jazz Street

Joe LaBarbera Quintet

Joe LaBarbera-Drums with Clay Jenkins-Trumpet

Orange Alert

Tickets Presented to Urban League

Ernie Krivda Quintet

Ernie Krivda Quintet

Steve Gadd

Steve Swell-Slammin The Infinite

Lew Tabackin

Lew Tabackin Trio

Official Merchandise

Shuffle Demons

Moutin Reunion

Mad Science

Wallace Roney

Wallace Roney 5tet

Paul Smoker Notet

Prime Time Funk

Matt Cattingub with the Greece Jazz Band

Music Educators Jazz Ensemble


John Scofield

East Ave. Boogie

Samba on Jazz Street

Dancing on Jazz Street

Feelin’ the rhythm


Allesandro Balestrier

Ardeshar Farah

Air Play on Jazz Street

Harry Allen - Joe Cohn Quartet

Anders Bergcrantz Quartet

Bass player with Jacob Anderskov Trio

Bill Frisell at Kilbourn Hall

Bob Sneider Trio

Bobby Militello

Michael Moore

Dave Brubeck Quartet

Precussionist in Dave Pietro & Banda Brazil

Chuck Riggs Harry Allen Quartet

Chaka Kahn Ensemble

Chaka Kahn

Carles Benavent

Chick Corea

Tapdancin' on Jazz Street

Chris Botti

Chris Botti Goodbye

Chris Botti

Chris Botti

Ravi Coltrane Quartet & fan hanging out

Eastman Theatre crowd awaiting Chick Corea concert

Craig Roberts

Audience applauding Juana Molina

East Ave at Gibbs

Jazz Street Stage


Applauding the music

Dancin' on Jazz Street

Dave Brubeck

Dave Mancini Quartet

Dave Pietro & Leonardo Cioglia - Banda Brazil

Pedro Ito - Banda Brazil

David King - The Bad Plus

Todd Smallie, Bass Player, Derek Trucks

Don McCaslin

Smugtown Stompers performing on Gibbs Street

Crowd applauding street band

Eivind Opsvik Overseas

Ethan Iverson - The Bad Plus


Harry Allen

Hot Flash Dancers on Jazz Street

K Wilson & C Macdonald New School University Jazz Band

Dennis Parker at the Jazz Street Stage

Jazz Street


Gap Mangione Quartet

Michael Formanek of the Harold Danko Trio

George Cables of Night of The Cookers

Night of the Cookers

Al Copley & Dan Amoretti

Will Downing

David Weiss Sextet

Bob Sneider & Phil Flanigan Duo

Dov Hammer

Ted Poor

John Nugent Festival Producer joins the jam session

Toby Koenigsberg Trio

Chiara Civello Quartet

Alex Torres y Su Orquestra

Todd Fabozzi - Alex Torres y Su Orquestra

Chiara Civello

Chiara Civello & Richard Hammond

Mamadou Diabate

Mamadou Diabate & Balla Kouyate

Smugtown Stompers

Edvardo Quintana - Tiemo Libre

Tom Brechtlein - Chick Corea

Earnest Khabeer Dawkins

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble

Manual Valera

Manual Valera Quartet

Corey Wilkes, John Nugent & Don McCaslin Jamming

Jamming with the Bob Sneider Trio

Clay Jenkins

Trio East

George Schuller

Circle Wide

Dave Moskal interviewing Jon Cleary for Jazz 90.1

Chris Botti serenades Olive Prince

Billy Kilson - Chris Botti

Chris Botti

Last dance at the jam

Jon Cleary & The Absolute Monster Gentlemen

Joel Forbes

Jacob Anderskov

Jared Schonig - Paradigm Shift

Jorge Pardo

Jorge Strunz

Juana Molina

Jonas Ostholm - Piano Filip Augustson - Bass

Karl-Martin Almqvist

Applause for the Kollektief

Lynne Arriale Trio

Lynne Arriale

Mike Mattison

Madeleine Peyroux

"A Different Kind of Blue"

"A Different Kind of Blue"

Bassist for Manuel Valera Quartet

New Birth Brass Band

Nick Finzer - Youth Jazz Orchestra

Paula West Quartet

Madeline Peyroux

Keyboardist with Eivind Opsvik Overseas

Ravi Coltrane

Raul Midon

Reid Anderson - The Bad Plus

Sonny Rollins

Sonny Rollins

Sonny Rollins

Clifton Anderson with Sonny Rollins

Vocalist on Gibbs Street stage

Outdoor evening Stomp Town players

Entertaining the crowd outside Eastman Theatre

Strunz & Farah

Tonas Ostholm

Derek Trucks

Inside tent with Paradigm Shift

Victor Krause with Bill Frisell Trio

Will Downing - Bridgette Bryant

Will Downing

Willem Breuker Kollektief

Willem Breuker

Wycliffe Gordon - Paradigm Shift

Youth Jazz Orchestra

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