Joonas Haavisto Trio

Joonas Haavisto is a Finnish pianist and composer. He is one of the most exciting young jazzmusicians coming from the Nordic jazz scene. He joined the world famous Steinway Artist roster in2017. Joonas has played as a soloist with chamber orchestras and big bands and leading his owngroup Joonas Haavisto Trio, which released their fifth album Offshore by Membran in 2019. Triohas been performing around the world in venues like Tokyo Jazz Festival, Nottingham RoyalConcert Hall, Jazzahead!, Les Boréales Festival and Pori Jazz Festival.

Haavisto’s compositions are based on beautiful melodies, the music has also free elements andmultilayered, surprising rhythmic motifs. Joonas tells about the new album: ” If someone asked me,where is my home Íd answer it is by the sea. This album (Offshore) is about the opportunity,infinity, safety, connection, enormous power and calmness which are delivered to us by the sea.”Joonas has composed music for various groups from trio to big bands. In 2016 he composed andplayed the piano music for The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki movie, which won the UnCertain Regard Prize in Cannes Film Festival.

Joonas Haavisto Trio has been playing together for over ten years. It has been said that ”the trio’sreal thrill lies in its unique balance and those breathtaking moments in their nuanced playing" (CDJournal, Feb 2016). Joonas Haavisto Trio unites three stellar musicians from the Finnish jazz scene.Antti Lötjönen is the busiest bass player in Finland and has already toured with Jeff Watts and KurtRosenwinkel. Drummer Joonas Riippa is known for his personal style and he plays with Jimi Tenor,Kalle Kalima and Mikko Innanen."

Joonas Haavisto is one of the most talented pianists of his generation. " SPIEGEL (Nov 2016)

” World class trio from Europe. ” Jazz Perspective (2018)

” A Supreme Nordic piano trio album. ” Jazz Critiques Mag (2018)

” His easy, melodic playing, full of glistening cascades and dramatic swells, perfectly complementsthe singer. His synth playing is delightfully subtle too.” Jazzwise (2021


Wed, Jun 22 - 7:30 PM
Glory House International - Global Jazz Now Series
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Wed, Jun 22 - 9:30 PM
Glory House International - Global Jazz Now Series
Club Pass or $30/door

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