Media Credentials Application

Thank you for your interest in covering the 18th Edition CGI Rochester International Jazz Festival June 21 - 29, 2019.

We welcome your coverage and look forward to assisting you in any way that we can.

To apply for media credentials please:

  1. Please review the media guidelines below. 
  2. We provide two types of credentials: Photographer Credentials and general Media (reporter) Credentials.
  3. Complete the form below including the headliner request if applicable by Friday, June 7
  4. Approved media will be notified the week of June 10 & receive instructions on how to pick up badges. 
  5. Credentials will be issued the week of June 17.  
  6. Please complete a separate form for each working journalist from your organization.


Who May Apply for Credentials

  1. Credentials will be provided to working journalists who work for recognized media outlets in accordance with space availability.
  2. Due to the demand for credentials and the need to abide by festival, artist and venue guidelines, the Festival reserves the right to issue and/or deny credentials at any time and to request copies of past coverage if we are not familiar with your work.
  3. A separate form must be completed for each working journalist assigned to cover the festival from your organization.
  4. Due to capacity, we reserve the right to limit the number of media passes issued per organization.
  5. Credentials are not transferable.
  6. Freelance writer/photographer applications will not be considered without an official letter from the editor of the publication/media outlet confirming that it has retained you for a specific assignment to cover the festival, review a concert and produce a story or photo coverage.
  7. Credentials are not provided to representatives from aggregator websites.
  8. Requests from bloggers are reviewed on a one-by-one basis but are generally not approved unless the blogger is employed and has a confirmed assignment by a recognized media outlet.
  9. We do not accept requests from photographers not on assignment from a recognized media organization. We do not provide access to photographers for personal, website or spec work. 
  10. Due to capacity, we cannot issue media credentials to family members of media, or members of the media who work in sales, production or other non-reporter/photographer/working journalist roles. 
 What Access is Provided with Media and Photo Credentials
    Guidelines for each venue will be provided once credentials are approved. 

2019 Media Guidelines

Media Contacts: Dalmath Associates

Amanda Antinore | (585) 729-7533

Jean Dalmath | (585) 755-6911

Please read and share with those in your organization covering the festival.

  • Please wear your badge all times.
  • Media access is for working media only.
  • Entry will not be granted without a badge.
  • Media Badges are not transferable.
  • Access is subject to change at any time according to artist requests.
  • Credentials will be revoked for anyone not abiding by these guidelines.

 Media Access for Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre Headliner Shows

Still Photo Access with a Photo Badge only in the designated location for the designated number of songs allowed by the artist.

    • Please make your request in advance.
    • Only a limited number of media photographers can be accommodated.
    • All requests MUST go through the festival PR team. Requests to individual artists' management or publicists will NOT be honored.

Broadcast Camera Access

    • Platform is located in the back of the Theatre with a press box direct audio connection to the soundboard.
    • Access varies depending on the show and is subject to change. Contact the PR team for assistance in advance for photo access.
    • See PR staff when you arrive to be escorted to the designated area.


    • Media Credentials DO NOT provide access to Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre headliner shows.
    • If you wish to cover headliner shows we have a limited number of complimentary seats for working media only.
    • You must have noted your request in advance to cover a headliner show with your application and if approved you will be issued a separate ticket.
    • Media Tickets not picked up within 15 minutes before the start of the show will be released back to the box office for sale.
    • Media who do not pick up tickets and do not provide prior notification will not be issued any future tickets.
    • Tickets may also be purchased through our online ticketing system if you wish specific seats (if shows are not sold out).

Media Access at Club Pass Venues

  • Media and Photo Credentials provide access to all 12 Club Pass venue shows. Access is first come, first served. In most venues, there are no reserved seats for media.
  • Please arrive early if you want to get in.
  • Photography – with photo badge only.

Photo Access at Kilbourn Hall

  • Please see a Jazz Fest PR Rep or usher in the lobby to be directed to photo areas.
  • Photography allowed for first number only.
  • No flash or lights allowed at any time.
  • No reserved seats for media. If you have a special need, please let us know.

Photo Access at Hatch Hall

  • A limited number of seats are reserved for media and held up to 10 minutes before show time. After that, the seats are released. 
  • Please go to the head of the line and see an usher to be directed to a media seat. First-come, first-served.

Media Access for All Other Club Pass Series Shows

  • No reserved media seats. Please arrive early and wait in line.
  • No flash or lights allowed at any time.
  • Capacity limited in some venues so please arrive early.
  • Out of respect for patrons, please do not block their view.
  • Photos limited to 1-2 songs; no photos/video allowed during an entire show.
  • Artists have the right to prohibit photos, as it can be distracting to their concentration during a performance, so we appreciate your cooperation.
Questions? Please contact Amanda Antinore
Media Credentials Application

(check to agree) I have read the guidelines and agree to these terms.

Headliner Show Media Requests for Credentials for Headliner Shows at Eastman Theatre

There is no media access to Eastman Theatre without a Ticket or Media Credentials, which must be requested in advance by June 7.

  • Broadcast camera platform is located in the back of the Theatre with multiple box connection to soundboard. Access varies depending on the show. Contact PR staff in advance for photo access. See PR staff when you arrive to be escorted to the designated area. 
  • Still photographers are provided access in a designated photo press area for a designated number of songs. Contact  PR staff in advance for photo access. Space is limited. See PR staff when you arrive to be escorted to the designated area. 
  • Reporters/music writers - General Media Credentials do not include access to seating at Headliner shows at Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre.  If you would like to cover one or more headliner shows, please indicate your requests below with this application. Print reporters with approved Eastman credentials will be accommodated on a space-available basis in reserved seats. A ticket for a reserved seat will be provided. Seats are limited. Not all requests can be accommodated. 
    • Requests for reserved seats cannot be accommodated within 48 hours of the show.  
    • Credentials are provided tor working media only.
    • You must have an assignment to review the show.  
    • All seats in Eastman Theatre are ticketed and reserved. Seating in the pit for media is no longer available.