Jazz Scholarship

About our Scholarship Program

The Rochester International Jazz Festival / Eastman School of Music Jazz Scholarship Program (RIJF/ESM) was created in 2002 and was the first jazz scholarship program established at the renowned Eastman School of Music in Rochester New York.

The awards are sponsored by Rochester International Jazz Festival producers John Nugent and Marc Iacona and are funded by proceeds from the annual Festival.

"We started the first jazz festival scholarship at Eastman School of Music," said John Nugent, "with the clear intent of helping gifted students offset tuition costs to study jazz at Eastman. We hope we will see the next great jazz artist bring their gift to the world while enriching many lives along the way."

The scholarships support continued jazz education for area high school students who have been part of the Eastman Community Music School and the Eastman Youth Jazz Orchestra and are part of the Festival's mission to invest in the next generation of musicians.

Marc Iacona noted, "We hope the success of future Rochester International Jazz Festivals will help us to increase the scholarship each year for deserving students."

In Their Words - The Gift of Music

Hear from some of our scholarship recipients on what the scholarship means to them in this video. Produced by CGI Communications in June 2019. 

Congratulations to our Recipients:

42 Scholarships have been awarded to date. 

• Daniel Atkinson,  jazz trombone, Honeoye Falls, New York

• Roy Marshall, Penfield, New York

• Grant Le, Bass, Hanover Park, IL

• Yvonne Rogers, Penobscot, Maine
• Ryan Barski, Pittsford, New York
• Jamal Kemp, Kutztown, Pennsylvania
• Maxwell Caine, Ridgewood, New Jersey
• Dylan Ocorr, Fairport, New York

• Grace Frarey (saxophone)

• Max Berlin (pianist/composer)
• Emanuel Burks (trumpet)

• Ryder Eaton
• C.J. Ziarniak

• Matthew Sieber-Ford (tenor sax)

• Michael Craig (drums)
• Joe Kozlowski (trumpet)
• Brendan Lanighan (trombone)

• Erik Stabnau (saxophone)
• Alex Patrick (guitar)

• Gabe Condon (guitar)
• Jeffrey Krol (drums)
• Matthew Krol (piano)

• Adrian DiMatteo (guitar)
• Evan Henry (trumpet)
• Daniel Ziemann (bass)
• Karl J Stabnau
• Levi G Saelua (saxophone)

• Karl J Stabnau

• Timothy E Craig
• Christina M Custode (piano/vocals)
• John E Hmiel

• Chris Q Potter
• Anthony R Libutti
• Nicholas A Finzer (trombone)

• David F Goebel
• Jared M Schonig (drums)
• Matthew L Valerio (piano)
• Mark R Wolfram
• Christopher A Ziemba (piano)

• Michael A Cottone (trumpet)
• Simon F Fletcher
• Michael A Kujawski (bass guitar)