Your Guide to the 2022 Fest

June 17-25, 2022

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Festival Map 


All venues are handicapped accessible.  

Accessible portable bathrooms for those attending outdoor shows are located: 

  • Outside the RIJF Club Pass Big Tent on East Main for people attending shows in the tent. 
  • The Kilbourn Hall alley, between Gibbs St and Swan St, bathroom area 
  • For Friday and Saturday free shows at MLK Park 
  • Near Midtown Stage on Parcel 5, all nine nights
Individuals needing assistance may call the Festival office in advance at (585) 454-2060 or see a volunteer at venue entrances. 


The distance from the airport to the festival is about 15 minutes. 
Greater Rochester International Airport Information


Courtesy of our presenting sponsor, M&T Bank, ATMs are located in several locations around the festival. See the map for exact locations. 


You may park your bike in racks located in the parking lot of the RIJF Big Tent at the corner of Main and Chestnut St. 


  • Rochester’s East End can be directly accessed from several east side transit routes, including 31 Park, 33 Goodman, 38 East Main, 48 University and 57 East.  
  • The East End is a short walk from the RTS Transit Center, where all bus routes stop. Many routes run until midnight or 1AM, making an evening out without the hassle of parking an easy option.
  • Visit for more information and to download the Where’s My Bus? app for real-time bus arrival info on your smartphone from Google Play and the App Store.
There may be minor bus route detours due to festival-related street closures; check or call 585-288-1700 for details.


Provided and staffed by Rochester Regional Health. Located on Jazz Street near East Main St. Masks are available at no charge.


  • Jazz Fest Ticket Shop at 100 East Avenue, Call (585) 454-2060
    • June 6-10 Noon-5PM
    • June 11/12 Closed
    • June 13-16 Noon-5PM
    • June 17/18/19 10AM-10PM
    • June 20-24 Noon - 10PM
    • June 25 - Noon - 9PM

  • Download the official App! for iPhone or Android - Coming early June!
  • Pick up a free brochure at any venue during the festival or at the Ticket Shop during the festival starting June 6th.
  • Program Guides: Buy at the Ticket Shop, $2
  • Download our Festival Map
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We offer a wide variety of food and beverages at the festival on:

• E. Main St. between Chestnut St. and Gibbs St.

• In and outside the RIJF Big Tent

• On Jazz Street (Gibbs St.) 

• MLK Park Stage, Friday June 24 and Saturday June 25

• Midtown Stage on Parcel 5 all nine days June 17-25

• Jazz Fest Bar at The Mercantile, in Sibley Square, across from Parcel 5

Food and beverages are also served at the following Club Pass venues.

• Max of Eastman Place
• Hyatt Regency Rochester Ballroom
• Wilder Room
• Outside the RIJF Big Tent
• Hyatt Regency Rochester for Jam Sessions
• Theater at Innovation Square
There are also many restaurants in the festival area.

Health & Safety Notice - Important! 

The health and safety of our patrons, artists, team members, and vendors is our highest priority.

We will closely monitor and abide by all local health guidelines recommended by the Monroe County Department of Public Health and New York State during the festival. 

Any guidelines in effect will be communicated via signage at the festival, here on our website, on our festival app, and in our email newsletters. 

COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease that can be extremely dangerous to people of all ages, especially to those who are elderly and/or have compromised immune systems. If you are ill and have any symptoms, we ask that you please stay home to get well and follow your doctor’s recommendations. 

The Festival is held in multiple public places and indoor venues. It is your responsibility as an attendee to assess your risk and determine if it is safe for you to attend the festival. 

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we work together to create a safe and enjoyable festival experience for all. 


Official hotel, Hyatt Regency Rochester, 125 East Main Street, Rochester, 585-546-1234

Other Hotels within walking distance of Festival venues 


DURING THE FESTIVAL: Please go to the Ticket Office at the corner of 100 East Ave.

  • June 17/18/19 10AM-10PM
  • June 20-24 Noon - 10PM
  • June 25 - Noon - 9PM

Write your name and cell number on your Club Pass so that you can be notified if it is found. 

AFTER THE FESTIVAL: Call the festival office at (585) 454-2060. Or email


Get official posters, apparel, and festival great gear and gifts are available in the Merchandise Tent on Parcel 5 (Main street end) during the festival. Open 4:00-11:00 PM daily.


RIJF is held in downtown Rochester, NY in the East End Cultural and Entertainment District. All venues are within walking distance of each other so park once and walk to everything.

The Festival does NOT operate any parking but there are many surface lots and ramp parking garages conveniently located near festival venues. Fees vary. 

Please note, many side streets will be closed. 

Please read the signs and make sure that parking is allowed wherever you are parking. Many lots are private for the use of their patrons only, so cars will be towed. The Festival cannot take any responsibility for people who park illegally.


The use of cameras (still, video, cell phones) and recording devices are strictly prohibited at all indoor concerts at RIJF. Photography is permitted only by credentialed photographers in designated areas. Concertgoers are asked to please abide by these guidelines out of respect for the artists and others in the audience.  Anyone not abiding by these rules will be asked to leave the venue. 


Restrooms are located inside every venue. There are also portable bathrooms outside of the RIJF Big Tent, the alley adjacent to Kilbourn Hall, along with the Avangrid/RG&E Fusion Tent, and at MLK Park during the Friday and Saturday concerts. 


Look for our free Shuttle bus sponsored by Harris Beach PLLC, will circulate all 9 days of the fest from 3PM–Midnight stopping near key festival venues. Look for the shuttle stop signs. The route loop takes approximately 30 minutes. The Shuttle does stop if traffic allows to pick up and drop off riders along the route.
Shuttle Stops:
  • Hyatt Regency Rochester on East Main St.

  • Glory House International (formerly Lutheran Church) on Chestnut St.

  • Temple Theater on Liberty Pole Way

  • Corner of East Ave and Chestnut St.

  • Innovation Theater on E. Broad St.

  • The Little Theatre on East Ave.


Gibbs St. (From East Ave to E. Main)
Friday, June 17 (7 AM) to Monday, July 1 (Midnight)
Chestnut (From East Main to East Ave)
Friday, June 17 (6 AM) to Saturday, June 25 (2 AM)
Chestnut (From East Main to Broad)
Friday, June 17 to Saturday, June 25 (5 PM-Midnight)
East Ave. (From East Main to Scio) and Chestnut (From Broad to East Ave)
Friday, June 17 (5 PM-Midnight)
Saturday, June 25 (5 PM-Midnight)
Main St.  (from Gibbs to Chestnut-not to include Gibbs or Chestnut)
Friday, June 17 to Saturday, June 25 (5 PM-Midnight)
Elm (Clinton to Atlas)
Friday, June 24 (7 AM) to Saturday, June 25 (2 AM)
Cortland (ELM to E. Main), Andrew Langston Way (Elm to E. Main), Elm (Clinton to Chestnut), Atlas (Euclid to Elm), and Euclid (Chestnut to Andrew Langston Way)
Friday, June 24 (3 PM-Midnight)
Saturday, June 25 (3 PM-Midnight)


Located at 100 East Ave

June 6-10 Noon-5PM
June 11/12 Closed
June 13-16 Noon-5PM
June 17/18/19 10AM-10PM
June 20-24 Noon - 10PM
June 25 - Noon - 9PM


  • Club Pass tickets if still available – may be purchased online at, or visit the Jazz Fest Ticket Shop at 100 East Ave Open June 6 to 10 Noon to 5PM; June 11,12 Closed; June 13, 14, 15, 16 Noon to 5PM; June 17,18, 19 10AM- to 10PM; June 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, Noon to 10PM and June 25 Noon to 9PM. 
  • Club Shows – enter with the Club Pass or $30/$35 cash only at the door. First-come, first-served for everyone, no reserved seating, no advance sales. Redeem your Club Pass ticket before you attend any shows at Ticket Shop as soon as it is open in June and during the festival or in the Merchandise Tent during the festival. Tickets cannot be redeemed at venues. See tickets for more info.
  • Free Shows – no tickets required, all shows rain or shine.
  • Ticket Shop - located at 100 East Ave Open June 6 to 10 Noon to 5PM; June 11,12 Closed; June 13, 14, 15, 16 Noon to 5PM; June 17,18, 19 10AM- to 10PM; June 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, Noon to 10PM and June 25 from Noon to 9PM. 


 For information on things to do during the day while you are in Rochester see 


  • For free shows, you can bring lawn/stadium chairs
  • Your tickets and Club Pass! (Please write your cell number on your pass.)


  • Pets, Coolers, and Food